• The consumption cut-off, what does it mean for my daily habits?

    Some days in particular hours -generally in the Winter- the electricity network is taut: it is difficult to balance the electricity demand and supply. Instead of starting polluting power plants to face this peak in demand, it is much more useful to decrease consumption. With your agreement, My-Orchestra is able to set up programmed measures aiming to consumption cut-off at your home. Concretely, some convectors are stopped for a brief period of time to temporarily decrease your consumption. In this manner you help the stability of the electricity network, the environment and you are able to do supplementary savings.

  • Why and how I can optimise my electric heating?

    More than 30% of French homes are equipped by electrical heating systems. The electrical heating usually lacks in terms of comfort: the heat is not homogeneous, it is not possible to manage it remotely nor in a centralised manner. Indeed we have either too cold, because of we switch off the heating when we are not at home, or we will receive an expensive electricity bill: take it or leave it!
    Since the increasing cost of electricity, heating is becoming a burden more and more heavy, particularly in no insulated houses. Furthermore the electrical heating increase the unbalance between the offer and the demand of electricity.
    Helping you to live more comfortably, saving money and, at the same time, supporting the electrical network balance and the environment: this is the aim of My-Orchestra.

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